What details are included on your online pay stub?

An online pay stub should be no different from a paper pay stub. This means that most of the details should be the same with both types of pay stubs. The basic details that should go into a pay stub are gross wages, hours worked, pay rate, gross pay, taxes, deductions and contributions.

Gross wages. An employee’s gross pay can usually be found on their pay stub. Details about gross pay is broken down into two separate columns. One column includes the information for the pay period while the other column gives the year-to-date totals.

Hours worked: Pay stubs for hourly workers include the number of hours worked. Salary workers can also have the hours worked recorded on their pay stubs. Nonexempt employees can work different types of hours, such as regular, overtime, and double-time. On the pay stub, put each kind of hour
worked on its own line. Separate the hours worked into current and year-to-date columns.

Pay rate: For hourly workers, each employee’s hourly pay rate should appear on…